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Original Linocuts & Etchings by Laura Yvonne Young

penguin enamel pin.jpg
linocut leaf sketchbook.jpg
Chinoiserie linocut card.jpg
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Enamel Pins

Linocut Notebooks & Accessories

Linocut Cards

Original Artwork

Lake District linocut print www.magnolia
Japanese maple leaves etching print
Japanese Koi linocut gold and black.JPG

‘Lake District’

Sakura ink Hosho handmade paper

‘Acer, Japanese Maple Leaves’

Intaglio ink Somerset Satin 300gsm

Japanese Koi fish’

Cranfield ink Stonehenge 250gsm

‘Hong Kong’

Sakura ink Somerset Satin 300gsm


Sakura ink Hosho handmade paper


Sakura ink Hosho handmade paper

hong kong lino print black www.magnolial
rabbit linocut black.JPG
geisha linocut black final.jpg
heart linocut framed art www.magnolialil
benin bronzes print frame www.magnoliali
Japanese triptych linocut print.jpg


Sakura ink Hosho handmade paper

‘Benin bronzes’

Schmincke ink Hosho handmade paper

Japanese Triptych Series

Sakura ink Hosho handmade paper





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Original Rabbit Linocut