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Original Hand Carved Linocut & Etching Prints



Welcome to Magnolia Lily Prints! I'm an artist and printmaker from the UK. I hand carve and press both lino prints, etchings and hand printed cards. Each linoleum block print and intaglio work is a unique handmade piece of art and not a digital reproduction.

I enjoy working with my hands and using traditional printmaking skills. Traditional hand presses produce a handcrafted feel and uniqueness of art prints. I have a love of plant life and flowers and I am particularly inspired by Japanese and Chinese designs from paintings, prints and antiques.


Laura Yvonne Young

I completed a Masters degree in conservation and restoration at London Metropolitan University and a Bachelors degree in interior design and technology at London Guildhall University. 

I love historic houses and nature walks and used to volunteer for the National Trust. My background is in architecture and interior design. After many years working in the city and with a love of art and design i branched out into printmaking while living in East London. Here my passion for printmaking led me to various studios producing both linocuts and etchings.

magnolia lily prints original art linocut prints and etchings for sale. Nature inspired unique artwork and lino print greeting cards to buy and handmade in uk.
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“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris

Japanese maple leaves etching print





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