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Unique linocut print original wall art pictures inspired by nature and hand pulled with an etching press by Magnolia Lily Prints


I use a variety of handmade papers especially used for printmaking. These are archival papers that are permanent, durable and acid free. They are made from natural materials such as wood and cotton pulp and are known as conservation and museum grade papers. The handmade papers i use include Somerset Satin, a quality paper made from 100% cotton. This is a very thick paper that produces a lovely impressed / embossed feel to the print. I also regularly use Japanese papers such as Hosho and Kozo. Hosho is a white highly refined and strong Japanese handmade paper made from plant fibres. It’s tear resistant and traditionally used for woodblock and relief printing. I have also used Kozo paper made from mulberry which is more translucent and equally as strong. The latest paper I have worked with is Zerkall, another natural paper which is mould made and made up of both cotton and wood pulp. This is another thick quality paper at 145gsm. 


lino printmaking tools and materials including rollers, brushes, baren and japanese and pfeil carving tools

To produce the final prints I use Sakura an excellent quality Japanese oil based ink for linocuts, Intaglio etching ink with linseed oil for etchings and Schmincke water based inks for both lino prints and handmade cards.

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