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Hand Pulled Prints

Japanese koi carp lino print original art for sale. Zen style oriental decor wall artwork handmade in uk. Unique fish with a flowing composition in red and black ink handcrafted by Magnolia Lily Prints


Original Koi fish lino print art inspired by the beautiful and flowing composition of Koi fish underwater.
This zen style piece has been hand printed on hosho Japanese handmade paper in various colours including red, black, blue and gold. It has been handcrafted using traditional printmaking techniques and hand carving tools. It is hand signed and part of an open edition.
Artwork copyright © Laura Young

hong kong linocut print black and white unique art for sale. Architectural style original artwork in a traditional chinese printing style. Hand pulled and inspired by the ocean this relief wall art is also available in blue an black and made in the uk.


This Hong Kong coastal lino print is inspired by the strength of nature when compared to an urban city and its man-made architecture. The design is also influenced by early Chinese printmaking. This original piece is hand printed on Somerset satin cotton paper and hosho handmade paper. This Chinese style print is available in a mixture of colours including blue and black.
It is a unique hand carved piece that is hand signed and part of an open edition.
Artwork copyright © Laura Young

Rabbit linocut print original art for sale in the uk by Magnolia Lily Prints. This cute bunny print is a unique wall art piece suitable for both home decor and nursery interior design.


Rabbit lino print original inspired by nature and a love of animals. This bunny rabbit is a sweet artwork piece and would make a lovely and unique gift. Hand carved and pressed on Japanese handmade paper. The carved lino block is a one off and handmade by myself. They are a hand signed open edition.  
Artwork copyright © Laura Young

Japanese maple leaves print orignal fine art etching wall artwork. Acer tree naure inspired unique limited edition aquatint with green and brown autumn leaves.


Acer, Japanese maple leaves is a fine art etching and hand pulled print. This original piece is inspired by one of my favourite trees, the Acer also known as a Japanese maple. I love their warm autumn colours and sculptural shapes. 
The design was hand etched onto a metal plate with smoked hard and soft ground. I then acid dipped each layer using a technique known as Aquatint. The completed plate is then inked with different colours and pressed into thick cotton paper to create a lovely impressed / embossed feel.
Artwork copyright © Laura Young



Handmade lino print cards in a chinoiserie style. These greeting cards are in a bird, leaf and berry design to brighten your season! Each one is handprinted with love.
They are made using traditional printmaking techniques and not digitally reproduced. The lino block is made using hand carving tools and inked up with water based inks. They can be purchased individually or as a set, currently in light blue, dark blue and red.
Artwork copyright © Laura Young

anatomical heart linocut print limited edition in red, white and blue. Original unique artwork carved from lino hand printed on Japanese handmade paper. Medical wall art decor for sale.


This limited edition Original linocut “Heart” in red, white and blue has been printed on both on Hosho and Kozo Japanese handmade papers.
It is inspired by love and the human heart. I wanted to reflect the emotion of ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’. The use of red reflects the positive feelings of love and blue the negative. I produced this with one lino block, carving away each layer, hand printing then carving the next. The block is then carved away completely and no more of these can be produced.
Artwork copyright © Laura Young

Lake District linocut print original and unique artwork for sale. Wall art inspired by Ullswater and the national park nature walks, trees, rivers and the beautiful landscape.


This is an original landscape wall art linocut hand printed onto Hosho Japanese paper in black and white.
This handmade piece is inspired by The Lake District National park in the U.K. After visiting a walking route near Ullswater I was inspired by the surrounding hills, forests and streams. The lakes flow through a beautiful natural landscape and shape the local environment.
Artwork copyright © Laura Young

Benin bronzes linocut print original wall art for sale. Unique artwork inspired by west african ancient sculptures at the British museum. Gazania flower ethnic style decor in red, yellow and burnt umber.


This linocut print is produced using three hand carved lino blocks on Hosho handmade paper. The piece is inspired by the West African sculptures on display at the British Museum. 
The Benin Bronzes are a group of more than a thousand metal plaques and sculptures that decorated the royal palace of the Kingdom of Benin in what is now modern-day Nigeria. The earliest examples date back to the thirteenth century and were created by the Edo people.
The Gazania flower is native to Southern Africa. They come in bright shades of yellow and orange and have a daisy like shape. I liked the combination of the brighter flower in contrast to the earthier bronzes.
Artwork copyright © Laura Young

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